SIZE 2XS/XS S/M 2701- 0972 0973 BLUE/BLACK SIZE 2XS/XS S/M 2701- 0966 0967 WHITE SIZE 2XS/XS S/M 2701- 0970 0971 ORANGE/BLACK SIZE 2XS/XS S/M 2701- 0968 0969 RED/BLACK SIZE 2XS/XS S/M 2701- 0964 0965 BLACK YOUTH GUARDIAN Youth sizes: 2XS, S/M. $74.95 Features: - Innovative Press-Fit molded comfort liner system provides a smooth inner chassis for max comfort - Adjustable waist buckle closure system - Level 1 back protector constructed to reduce impact energy transmission - Stone shield constructed with molded panels to protect the rider from lofted small stones and debris - Strategically placed ventilation ports - Refined fit for maximum deflector coverage - Adjustable suspension shoulder guards with molded comfort liner - Adjustable and removable biceps arm guards with molded comfort liner - Stone shield tested and certified according to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of EU Regulation 2016/425 - Back protector tested and certified according to European Standard EN 1621-2:2014 MX-24 109