iGO At a Glance

99% 21:43 KM/H 00. 0 TRIP KM 06.0 PWR SPORT POWER BUTTON UP/DOWN BUTTONS WATT METER Motor Power vs. Human Power CLOCK TRIP ODOMETER SPEEDOMETER BATTERY MODE BUTTON THROTTLE USB C PORT Charge Mobile Device TOUR SPORT TURBO BOOST ECO CLASS 2 CERTIFIED ELECTRIC BIKE CLASS 3 CERTIFIED ELECTRIC BIKE CLASS 1 CERTIFIED ELECTRIC BIKE Functions Press up or down arrows to increase or decrease assistance & navigate through menu interface. Lights on/off : press & hold the up arrow for 2 seconds Walk assist : press the down arrow for 2 seconds and hold Press the “MODE” button to view advanced information : DISPLAY 1 Performance Information Trip Time, Average speed, Max speed, Odometer DISPLAY 2 Battery Information Voltage, Capacity, Charge cycles, Range estimate DISPLAY 3 Power Analysis Cadence power watts, Motor power watts, Cadence RPM DISPLAY 4 Ride Analysis Comparative analysis showing percentage use of assist power segments NB press and hold MODE button within 10 seconds of turning on display to access settings menus. Assist Segments Off - eBike display will turn on but offer no power assist or throttle lights, cyclocomputer functions, and connection with the iGO Ride Mobile App will remain active Throttle may be used in all assist segments (excluding ‘off’) when bike is set to Class 2 or Class 3 Multi Class Switchable Use the iGO RIDE Mobile App to instantly reset parameters and conform to Class 1, 2, or 3 regulations at the touch of a button Throttle is disengaged in Class 1 and can be fully removed from the bike if required. At a Glance Maximum assistance for climbing steep hills Extra burst of power for quick acceleration Powerful assistance for challenging terrain Optimal assistance for longer rides Moderate assistance for conserving battery power

iGO Ride Mobile App Mobile app providing advanced features and controls including instant multi class switching, turn by turn navigation, advanced statistics, eBike security & power lock, social integration, battery range & health, servicing reminders, maintenance information. Battery Sleep Mode Register your Bike To gain full access to all owners benefits and warrant cover remember to register your eBike at : iGO Assist For more information consult the Owners Manual or visit the link below for articles, videos and live chat with trained iGO support staff. At a Glance Visit igoelectric.com/igoride for more details The eBike electrical system will appear to be unresponsive when the battery is in the dormant state. This is normal. To wake the battery: Remove battery from the eBike and plug directly into the provided charger for approximately 30 seconds. Locate and press the power meter button for 3-5 seconds until the power indicator LED lights up. This indicates the battery has been reactivated and can be replaced into the eBike for immediate use. Available for iOS and Android register.igoelectric.com assist.igoelectric.com Designed in Canada Established in 2006 When the eBike has not been used for an extended period of time the battery will automatically enter a sleep state preserving and protecting the battery cells. The new automatic battery protection feature provides increased safety during storage and simplifies battery care to optimize performance while maximizing and even extending battery lifespan.