6D Helmets Spring 2023-Drag Specialties

TYLER O’HARA / KING OF THE BAGGERS Next Level Brain Protection.

Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) is the unique and proprietary helmet technology that instantly established 6D as the leaders in helmet safety. ODS was awarded the Grand Prize in the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III due to its ability to significantly reduce energy transfer to the brain by means of its suspended dual-liner system. ODS works over a broader range of energy demands providing 6-Degrees of Freedom.. 6-DEGREES OF FREEDOM The ability to translate and rotate about the 3 axes of the Cartesian coordinate system. 6D’s patented ODS system provides progressive 3-dimensional displacement of its inner suspended liner during crash impacts. ODS is less constrained by the shape of the human head when compared to other competing helmet technologies while providing significant reductions in both angular and linear acceleration forces. WORLD WIDE PATENTS United States US 8,955,169 B2 United States US 9,820,525 Europe E2 672 853 B1 China ZL 201280017579.I United States US 10,561,192 United States US 10,980,306 Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS): The Award-Winning Technology Found Exclusively in 6D Helmets.

REDUCING ANGULAR ACCELERATION Angular acceleration force is proven as the primary cause of concussion. 6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension ‘uncouples’ the helmet from the head form by means of its suspended dual-liner technology. The suspended liners shear omni-directionally when subjected to oblique impacts thereby reducing the transfer of angular acceleration force to the head and brain during an accident. Angular 7.5m/s Front / Incline Anvil MANAGING LOW-THRESHOLD ENERGY The vast majority of real-world helmet strikes qualify as low-threshold energy impacts. These are impacts below the certification pass/fail thresholds, but severe enough to cause concussion or worse. To meet high-velocity certification requirements, traditional helmet designs and helmets incorporating add-in shear plane technologies are still too stiff to effectively absorb energy from impacts at lower velocities. OmniDirectional Suspension starts working the instant any force is applied to the helmet shell, dramatically reducing low-threshold energy transfer to the brain. Linear 4m/s Side / Incline Anvil

160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 3m/s 4m/s 5m/s 7.5m/s Velocity in Meters per Seconds Linear Aceleration (g) Linear / Front / Incline Anvil Other Technology Helmets MIPS 6D ATR-2/ODS 6D’s proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension consistently outperforms competitive designs across the entire range of potential impact velocities. 6D engineers the shell, ODS liners, and damper systems to provide the best possible impact mitigation performance across all impact velocities for both angular and linear accelerations Linear Front / Incline Anvil TIME-TO-PEAK (TTP) TTP is how long it takes the energy of an impact to reach maximum G-force. Deceleration time is the single most beneficial component in reducing the severity of any impact - the more time, the less energy transferred to the brain. Omni-Directional Suspension adds time to the impact event equation by activating sooner and at lower impact velocities. The Science of Safety. BROAD RANGE PROTECTION.

KYLE WYMAN / Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle Racing ATS-1R: The Gold Standard in Street Protection.

ATS-1R ALPHA S M L XL XXL Silver 0101-15142 0101-15143 0101-15144 0101-15145 0101-15146 Bronze 0101-15136 0101-15137 0101-15138 0101-15139 0101-15140 Sizes S and M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. Helmets shown with optional dark shield. ATS-1R STREET The ATS-1R represents the pinnacle of safety and performance for the on-road motorcycle enthusiast or racer. Featuring 6D’s proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension system, the ATS-1R provides the most advanced impact and energy management system available in a street helmet today. Developed during our award-winning work within the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III, its advanced ODS system delivers significant improvements in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation compared to market competitors. The 6D ATS-1R is certified to exceed the US DOT FMVSS 218 (United States), ECE 22.06 (Over 50 Countries World-Wide), and the United Kingdom’s ACU standards. Sizes XS,S,M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. ATS-1R ALPHA Graphic

ATS-1R VOODOO RANGER S M L XL XXL Gloss Black/Gold 0101-15172 0101-15173 0101-15174 0101-15175 0101-15176 Sizes S and M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. Helmets shown with optional dark shield. SAMMY HALBERT Mission Foods / Roof Systems Dallas TX / Indian ATS-1R VOODOO RANGER Graphic

ATS-1R WYMAN S M L XL XXL Red/Black 0101-15166 0101-15167 0101-15168 0101-15169 0101-15170 Black/Grey 0101-15160 0101-15161 0101-15162 0101-15163 0101-15164 Sizes S and M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. Helmets shown with optional dark shield. ATS-1R WYMAN Graphic KYLE WYMAN

ATS-1R PATRIOT S M L XL XXL Red/White/Blue 0101-15154 0101-15155 0101-15156 0101-15157 0101-15158 Black 0101-15148 0101-15149 0101-15150 0101-15151 0101-15152 SizesS and M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. Helmets shown with optional dark shield. ATS-1R PATRIOT Graphic

KYLE WYMAN / KWR Ducati ATS-1R Solid S M L XL XXL Matte Black 0101-15124 0101-15125 0101-15126 0101-15127 0101-15128 Gloss Silver 0101-15130 0101-15131 0101-15132 0101-15133 0101-15134 Gloss Black 0101-15106 0101-15107 0101-15108 0101-15109 0101-15110 Gloss Cement Grey 0101-15118 0101-15119 0101-15120 0101-15121 0101-15122 Gloss White 0101-15112 0101-15113 0101-15114 0101-15115 0101-15116 Sizes S and M Exceed FIM FRHPhe-01 International Racing Standard. Helmets shown with optional dark shield. ATS-1R Solid

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