2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 HEADWEAR & NECKWEAR PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM SNOW | 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 83 STORMGEAR NECKGAITERS • Windproof, waterproof and breathable • Made from Schampa’s own StormGear fabric, completed with Vaspex membrane • Formfitting face mask with hook-and-loop material in the back • Nose-bridge and mesh mouthpiece allow for easy breathing without fogging up your glasses/​goggles • The top wind protection for your face GORDITO • Used with beanie, half- and no-helmet conditions BLACK SUG. RETAIL 2502-0120 $29.95 PRO SERIES NECKGAITER • 100% polypropylene • Moisture-wicking • Seamless mesh mouth panel • Can be worn over or under the nose • Comfortable in fall, winter and spring • One size fits most DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (A) Gordito 2502-0003 $29.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (B) Hannibal 2502-0004 $29.95 BLACK SUG. RETAIL 2502-0073 $19.95 COOLSKIN SMART NECKGAITER • Comfortable three-panel construction with no center seam • Micro-mesh technology • Breathable fabric wicks away moisture • Can also be used as a face mask or balaclava • Wear alone or with any style helmet • One size fits most NECKGAITERS • Double-layer 200-weight fleece • Excellent for all kinds of cool and cold weather • Good for all fall, winter and spring usage • Neckgaiters can also be worn as ear warmers • Double-layer neckgaiter can be turned down and used like a turtleneck • WarmSkin neckgaiters are the thinnest cold weather neckgaiter • One size fits most DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (F) Short neck 2502-0006 $26.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (G) Tall neck 2502-0007 $29.95 NECK DICKIES • Popular piece of gear for all riders • No other dickie provides as much comfort and protection • Double-layer fleece neck for added wind protection • Has Shield X windproof and water-repellent covering on the front panel • Available in two heights for comfort in all helmets • Both heights: one size fits most DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (H) Short neck 2502-0091 $23.95 Tall neck 2502-0092 25.95 FLEECE NECK DICKIES • 200-weight fleece protects neck and face against the cold • Extended front and back panels protect against cold drafts • Available in two heights for comfort in all helmets • Breathable fleece fabric wicks moisture away • Both heights: one size fits most HANNIBAL • Designed for use with most full-face helmets • Can be used with any helmet or alone A B C D E F G H DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (C) Double-layer neckgaiter 2502-0001 $19.95 (D) Neckie 2502-0002 15.95 (E) WarmSkin 2502-0072 19.95