2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2023 | SNOW HEADWEAR & NECKWEAR 78 ZAN HEADGEAR® WINDPROOF COLLECTION Providing another way to protect you from wind, sleet, snow or sand.The bonded Windproof fabrication works great to protect your head, neck and face, as well as your nose and ears, in colder temperatures. Fleece-bonded fabrication has been tested and certified as Windproof,meaning less than 1% of air will pass through the fabric. Zan Headgear® Windproof products offer 99-100% protection against wind. WINDPROOF CONVERTIBLE BALACLAVA • Made from 100% polyester • Windproof tested and certified fleece-lined fabrication • Flat seams to fit comfortably underneath helmets or alone with no painful pressure points • Provides coverage of the head, ears, face and neck • Hinged construction allows for easy use as a balaclava, face mask or neck warmer • Fleece sits against skin for comfort, warmth and protection in various climates • Fit is a little larger to allow for more sizes • Provides 50+ UV protection SPORTFLEX™ SERIES Centered around an innovative new fabrication which gives a nice mid-weight protection option for your head, neck, face and arms. SportFlex fabric also offers 50+ UV protection.The SportFlex series gives a level of comfort and warmth not yet on the market.You’ve got to touch it! SPORTFLEX™ CONVERTIBLE BALACLAVAS • Versatile all-in-one balaclava construction • Heavier than the standard polyester balaclava; yet lighter than the fleece option • Convertible; wear as a balaclava, face mask or neck warmer • Provides warmth and protection in various climates • Machine washable SPORTFLEX™ SERIES HIGH-PILE AND LOW-PILE FLEECE BALACLAVA • High-pile made with heavyweight material • Low-pile made with midweight material • 87% polyester and 13% elastane • Features a soft yet, durable stretchy shell lined with warm and super soft cozy fleece on the inside • 50+ UV Protection • Ideal for colder climates • Sport Flex™ fabrication on the outside • Wear as a balaclava, neck gaiter, or pull up over the nose to wear as a half mask • One size fits most • Machine washable DESCRIPTION BLACK SUG. RETAIL High-pile 2503-0440 $37.98 DESCRIPTION BLACK SUG. RETAIL Low-pile 2503-0441 $34.98 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (A) Black/​white flag 2503-0380 $20.98 (B) Black 2503-0384 20.98 (C) Winter camoflage 2503-0385 20.98 (D) Paint skull 2503-0386 20.98 (E) Woodland 2503-0401 20.98 (F) Olive 2503-0402 20.98 (G) Patriot 2503-0403 20.98 (H) Charcoal heather 2503-0404 20.98 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (I) Black paisley 2503-0436 $20.98 (J) Black & orange bandana 2503-0437 20.98 (K) Sugar blossom 2503-0438 20.98 (L) USA eagle 2503-0439 20.98 (M) Black/​white skull 2503-0516 20.98 BLACK SUG. RETAIL 2503-0391 $34.98 • One size fits most adults • SportFlex™ fabric offers 50+ UV protection • 87% polyester, 13% elastane A B C D E F G H I J K L M