2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PERFORMANCE BASE LAYERING PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM SNOW | 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 71 (A) MEN’S JACKET LINERS SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL S 2820-4204 $194.95 M 2820-4205 194.95 L 2820-4206 194.95 SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL XL 2820-4207 $194.95 2X 2820-4208 194.95 3X 2820-4209 194.95 MEN’S SIZE CHART DESCRIPTION S M L XL 2X 3X Chest 38”-40” 41”-43” 44”-46” 47”-49” 50”-52” 53”-55” Sleeve 33”-34” 34”-35” 35”-36” 36”-37” 37”-38” 38”-39” (B) WOMEN’S JACKET LINERS SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL XS 2822-0997 $199.95 S 2822-0998 199.95 SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL M 2822-0999 $199.95 L 2822-1000 199.95 WOMEN’S SIZE CHART DESCRIPTION XS S M L Chest 34”-36” 37”-39” 40”-42” 43”-45” Sleeve 31”-32” 32”-33” 33”-34” 34”-35” MEN’S AND WOMEN’S GEN X-4 WARM TEK HEATED JACKET LINERS • Windproof, waterproof polyester main body construction for maximum warmth • Side panel features dual-layer construction; Lycra® (inner) and breathable cotton/​Lycra® blend (outer) allows moisture to escape while retaining heat and a snug fit • Entire liner is heated, including the back and collar • Men’s jackets feature an external zippered pocket on the front chest; women’s jacket features two front side pockets and a female-specific tapered fit • Connects to 12V power source; 20” battery cord included • Men’s and women’s jackets provide 87W of heat and draw 6.4A SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL XS 2830-0452 $124.95 S 2830-0453 124.95 M 2830-0454 124.95 SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL L 2830-0455 $124.95 XL 2830-0456 124.95 2X 2830-0457 124.95 SIZE BLACK SUG. RETAIL 3X 2830-0458 $124.95 GEN X-4 HEATED VEST LINER • Flexfit design for multipurpose use • Windproof microbacterial technical fabric used to generate a form-fitting design with Lycra® panels on the sides gives you all the movement you need • Designed to be powered with a 12V battery, you can connect it to a motorcycle, snowmobile,ATV or scooter to receive continuous heat • Comes with two front side pockets and a 20” battery cord • Snap-on electric connection on back of the vest for connecting gloves by using the snap ON/​OFF glove harness (PART #2130-0079) • Two input connections allowing the temperature of the gloves and vest to be controlled independently • Vest produces 53 watts of heat and draws 3.9 amps of current (tested while engine is idling) NOTE: GEN X-3 and GEN X-4 are fully compatible. Back view • Glove connector cables at the end of each sleeve • Two input connection points are fixed on the inside left panel allowing jacket and optional gloves to be controlled separately • On/​off and temperature control for the jacket liner only requires the purchase of either the coax switch cord (PART #2130-0073) or single output temperature controller (PART #2130-0070); for use with gloves, purchase either the dual coax switch cord (PART #2130-0080) or dual temperature controller (PART #2130-0071); see page 72 for cords and controllers NOTE: GEN X-3 and GEN X-4 are fully compatible. Glove connector cable Back view A B