2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2023 | SNOW RIDING APPAREL 58 PART # SUG. RETAIL 2130-0229 $28.95 SOCK Y CORD • Used to run Gears foot warmers or heated socks on their own, or along with one other heated clothing item • Comes with an ON/​OFF switch in the wiring harness • Sufficient cord length allows user to route harness through the pant loops and drop them down toward the foot warmers or socks • End of cord has a male coax plug that connects to the power source and a female coax plug that can be used to connect other heated clothing or gloves/​glove liners, along with their required cable (if intending to use with upper clothing along with the foot warmer/​socks on the same circuit) • DC connector plugs are 5.5mm in size MEN’S INSULATOR SOCKS SIZE (A) BLACK/​RED SUG. RETAIL S/M 3431-0411 $22.00 WOMEN’S INSULATOR SOCKS SIZE (B) BLACK/​PINK SUG. RETAIL S/M 3431-0408 $22.00 L/XL 3431-0409 22.00 INSULATOR SOCKS • Above-calf moisture-absorbing heavier weight sock for colder temperatures and those needing maximum warmth • Cuff and ankle stretch bands to help hold sock in place • Nylon-reinforced bottom foot • Available in adult sizes S/M and L/XL SIZE BLACK/​BLUE SUG. RETAIL S/M 3431-0413 $16.00 L/XL 3431-0414 16.00 EVAPORATOR SOCKS • Above-calf moisture-absorbing midweight sock for warmer temps • Cuff and ankle stretch bands to help hold sock in place • Nylon-reinforced bottom foot • Padded bottom foot, toes and shin for added comfort in snowmobile boot • Available in adult sizes S/M and L/XL SIZE PART # SUG. RETAIL XS 3431-0253 $64.95 S 3431-0254 64.95 M 3431-0255 64.95 SIZE PART # SUG. RETAIL L 3431-0256 $64.95 XL 3431-0257 64.95 2X 3431-0258 64.95 SOCKS SIZE CHART SIZE WOMEN’S SIZES MEN’S SIZES XS 4-5.5 - S 6-7.5 5-6.5 SIZE WOMEN’S SIZES MEN’S SIZES M 8-9.5 7-8.5 L 10-11.5 9-10.5 SIZE WOMEN’S SIZES MEN’S SIZES XL - 11-12.5 2X - 13-14 GEN X-4 HEATED SOCKS • Extremely comfortable,made with 85% polyester and 15% Lycra® • Provide heat on the top and bottom of toes • ZEPTO® fiber heat technology covers the entire foot area, providing uniform heat • Custom-fit design for left and right feet • Fit under tall or short boots • Engineered to go with Gen X-4 leg chaps (by connecting to hideaway plugs at the bottom of pant liners or leg chaps) or can be used by themselves (using Gears battery cord, PART #2130-0072 and Gears sock Y cord, PART #2130-0229) NOTE: GEN X-3 and GEN X-4 are fully compatible. SIZE PART # SUG. RETAIL S/M (U.S. sizes 6-9) 3431-0105 $26.95 SIZE PART # SUG. RETAIL L/XL (U.S. sizes 10-13) 3431-0106 $26.95 THERMAL TECH SOCKS • Warm, breathable moisture-wicking knit fabric • Nostatex® silver yarn sole for wicking moisture away from the skin and giving an antibacterial, odor-free layer that conducts heat uniformly around the skin surface to reduce hot spots • Ribbed design reduces bunching at the heel and ankle and increases riding comfort • Knee-length design for coverage and comfort • Sold in pairs A B