2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2023 | SNOW RIDER & SLED ACCESSORIES 192 3560-0003 3516-0209 FITS MODEL PART # SUG. RETAIL ARCTIC CAT F Series 10-12 3516-0079 $189.69 POLARIS Indy 600/​800 13-18 3516-0212 189.69 AXYS 800/​850 Pro RMK/​RMK Assault/​SKS 155 (fits under seat w/ Prolite seat) 16-21 3516-0210 143.69 IQ 600 RMK 06 3516-0043 189.69 Switchback 600 HO/F​ ST 06-07 3516-0043 189.69 SKI-DOO REV XP/XR/XS Short Track 08-19 3516-0040 189.69 REV XP/XR/XS/XM Renegade/​Summit/​Freeride 08-19 3516-0041 189.69 FITS MODEL PART # SUG. RETAIL YAMAHA UNIVERSAL SNOWMOBILE Tunnel pak w/ vacuum formed waterproof tub and integrated tunnel rack (15" W x 14" x 10" H) 3516-0209 $258.69 UNIVERSAL SNOWBIKE Tunnel pak w/ highly durable FTEC material formed base and includes waterproof cover (specifically designed for Camso DTS units) 3560-0008 218.44 Tunnel pak w/ highly durable FTEC material formed base and includes waterproof cover (will not fit Camso snowbike system) 3560-0003 206.94 TUNNEL PAKS • Extremely durable urethane-coated, water-resistant paks are removable for overnight trips • Specific-fit tunnel paks feature a reflective stripe, water-resistant zipper pulls and shock cord tighteners • Snowbike pak is mounted to a raised plastic formed base and constructed from water-resistant, formed materials • Available in black • Made in the U.S.A. PART # SUG. RETAIL 3516-0163 $206.94 BLACK BOX TUNNEL STORAGE BOX • Constructed from vacuum-formed HMW-PE material with structure that creates strength and durability in a design that includes a recessed bottom to accommodate the differing tunnels on the market • The lid is hinged and is removable, with custom polyurethane straps made specifically for the SPG Black Box Hold-down straps combine the exact amount of tension and flex to create a watertight seal around the cover • Billet-turned aluminum fasteners and hook posts make removing and attaching the straps an easy task when out on the trail • Flanged edge of the box incorporates a rubber seal that keeps the elements where they belong and the box dry • Each box includes 1" cubed foam that enables the user to cut out the specific pockets/​shapes they need to carry valuable items securely • Boxes have foam attached to the lid and a permanent base foam in the bottom of the box • All hardware is included in each box to fasten to any tunnel on the market, including tunnels with raised coolers or the T-slot design found on Polaris snowmobiles • Measures 14” x 11” x 8” • Includes an additional goggle bag which can be mounted to the cover of the box with rivets and adhesive-backed hook-and-loop material • Goggle bag includes a durable water-resistant zipper along with urethane-coated, padded foam structure to keep contents safe and protected • Bag can be used for other items in addition to goggles • Made in the U.S.A.