2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 PROTECTIVE GEAR PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM SNOW | 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 173 KIDS’ SX PRO LITE • Same body armor as the adult SX Pro Lite, including tailbone deflection • Vented front and rear UHMW plastic orange panels are graphics ready • Can be worn over or under snowmobile jacket; coolest if worn over jacket/​jersey • Added ventilation with mesh panels and 6mm holes in armor • Visibility increased with fluorescent orange color • Shoulder pads included • Meets or exceeds ISR race rules SIZE AGE RANGE (YRS.) WEIGHT (LB.) ORANGE/​BLACK SUG. RETAIL (A) Pee Wee 3-5 30-50 2701-0100 $259.99 (B) Kids 5-8 50-70 2701-0072 269.99 SIZE AGE RANGE (YRS.) WEIGHT (LB.) ORANGE/​BLACK SUG. RETAIL (C) Youth 8-12 70-100 2701-0073 $339.99 Back view A B C DELUXE QUICK-ATTACH SHOULDER PADS • One-piece sectional armor constructed of UHMW plastic laminate and closed-cell foam • Fits Trail Pro, Super Sport, Sport, Crossover and Freestyle models • Provides essential shoulder protection • Combines to make Super Sport and Freestyle models ISR legal for snocross and cross country SIZE BLACK/​RED SUG. RETAIL S SPTP2303 $106.98 M SPTP2304 106.98 L SPTP2305 106.98 XL SPTP2306 106.98