2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 GOGGLES & EYEWEAR PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM SNOW | 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 149 LENS COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (A) Smoke 2601-0731 $33.98 LENS COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (B) Clear 2601-0732 $33.98 LENS COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (C) Amber 2601-0733 $33.98 CROSSFIRE FOLDING GOGGLES • Fold them up and take them anywhere • Use a flexible and durable Grilamid® TR-90 frame with closed-cell EVA frame foam • 100% UVA/​UVB protection provided by the anti-fog polycarbonate lenses • Keep goggles snug over eyes with the soft adjustable strap • Carry pouch with clip and belt loop and a microfiber cleaning cloth are included • Frame color: black • Available with clear, smoke or amber lenses • Do not accept prescription lenses A B C GLOSS BLACK FRAME SUG. RETAIL 2610-1181 $67.98 DIESEL GOGGLES WITH INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES • Three sets of lenses: anti-fog smoked, clear and yellow • Include shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses • Lenses provide 100% UV protection • Thermoplastic elastomer gloss black frame • Open cell foam with fleece BLACK FRAME SUG. RETAIL 2610-1018 $67.98 PILOT GOGGLES WITH INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES • Sleek, aviator-style black frame with leather-like cushion padding • Includes clear and smoke shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses • Provides 100% UVA and UVB protection FRAME/​LENS COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Matte brown/​clear to smoke photochromic lens 2610-1384 $85.98 FLIGHT GOGGLES • Polycarbonate matte brown frame • Include anti-fog, anti-scratch and shatter-resistant polycarbonate photochromic lenses • Lenses provide 100% UV protection • Faux leather cushioned padding ANSI Z80.3 approved • Come with microfiber pouch