2023 Parts Unlimited Snow

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2023 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2023 | SNOW GOGGLES & EYEWEAR 118 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (A) Red 2602-1010 $19.95 (B) Blue 2602-1011 19.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (C) Black 2602-1012 $19.95 (D) Orange 2602-1013 19.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL (E) Camo 2602-1014 $19.95 (F) American Flag 2602-1015 19.95 QUICK STRAP • Riders know Quick Strap meets the demands of grueling long-distance rides • Quick-release system gets goggles on and off one-handed in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional goggles • Quick Strap installs without tools on most popular goggles and helmets • Works with tear-off or roll-off systems DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (G) Hook-and-loop fastener and button RB40 $7.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL (H) Hook-and-loop fastener only 2602-1016 $5.95 QUICK STRAP REMOUNT KITS • All the pieces you need to remount your complete Quick Strap System: hook-and-loop closure, plastic swivel button and adhesive • PART #2602-1016 includes hook-and-loop fastener and adhesive only H G RIDING GOGGLES • Super-flexible frame designed for ultimate “full-circle” fit • Advanced anti-fog/​anti-scratch lens coating for better vision in all riding conditions • Adjustable nylon strap with wide-ranging fit for on-helmet use • Indirect venting technology and advanced anti-fog/​ anti-scratch coating for ultimate fog protection • Available in black/g​ ray PART # SUG. RETAIL 2601-3138 $39.95 A B C D E F