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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | TIRE & SERVICE ATV/UTV TIRES & WHEELS TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 5 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING TIRES THAT ARE DESIGNATED AS NOT FOR HIGHWAY SERVICE (NHS) MUST NOT BE USED IN HIGHWAY SERVICE. USING NHS TIRES IN HIGHWAY SERVICE MAY RESULT IN TIRE FAILURE CAUSING AN ACCIDENT RESULTING IN SERIOUS PERSNAL INJURY OR DEATH. WARNING 234 ATV/​UTV TIRE SIZE APPLICATION GUIDE The following size guide shows all the options available when re-ordering ATV/U​ TV tires. Simply match the size of the tire you are replacing, find it in the chart and choose from all the options listed. For pricing, please see each respective brand listing. The “STYLE” column corresponds with the following: -AGRSV – Aggressive mud and snow conditions -INT – Intermediate mud and snow conditions -ASPH – Hard-surface use -KNOB – Standard knobby style -OEM – Original equipment manufacturer replacement -SPORT – Sport performance -SAND – Sand use only -TURF – Turf applications NOTE: The information provided here is not warranted as to the truth or accuracy by Parts Unlimited or its parent company, LeMans Corporation. The information is collected from the tire manufacturer and published for your reference.Any additional information or questions regarding this information or questions about the fitment and maintenance of the tires should be obtained from the tire manufacturers. SIZE BRAND NAME PART # MODEL STYLE PAGE # 6” 145/70-6 CHENG SHIN C8295 C829 KNOB 288 145/70-6 DURO HF240-01 HF-240 KNOB 291 13x5-6 CARLISLE 551020 TURF SAVER TURF 272 15x5-6 CARLISLE 557008 HOLESHOT SPORT 272 15x6-6 CARLISLE 551430 TURF SAVER TURF 272 14.5x7-6 KENDA K2907 SCORPION KNOB 299 7” 18x7-7 DURO HF2005-01 DI-2005 INT 293 18x7-7 DURO HF277-01 HF-277 SPORT 292 18x7-7 KENDA K530-07 PATHFINDER INT 299 16x8-7 AMS 0320-0735 SWAMP FOX AGRSV 244 16x8-7 CHENG SHIN C8293 C829 KNOB 288 16x8-7 CST 0320-0357 C9314 INT 286 16x8-7 DURO 0319-0199 DI-K541 OEM 294-295 16x8-7 DURO HF240-02 HF-240 KNOB 291 16x8-7 KENDA K2908 SCORPION KNOB 299 16x8-7 KENDA K530-06 PATHFINDER INT 299 19x8-7 DURO HF277-03 HF-277 SPORT 292 8” 16x6.5-8 CARLISLE 517002 HOLESHOT SPORT 272 18x6.5-8 CARLISLE 517010 HOLESHOT SPORT 272 18x7-8 MAXXIS 0319-0033 M939 SPORT 279 19x7-8 CST 0320-0353 C9313 INT 286 19x7-8 DURO 0319-0200 DI-K549 OEM 294-295 19x7-8 DURO HF2005-03 DI-2005 INT 293 19x7-8 DURO HF246-04 HF-246 SPORT 292 19x7-8 DURO HF277-02 HF-277 SPORT 292 19x7-8 KENDA 0319-0128 K572 ROAD GO ASPH 299 19x7-8 KENDA K2909 SCORPION KNOB 299 19x7-8 KENDA K530-10 PATHFINDER INT 299 20x7-8 CHENG SHIN C8294 C829 KNOB 288 20x7-8 DURO HF240-06 HF240 KNOB 291 20x7-8 DURO HF246-01 HF246 SPORT 292 20x7-8 DURO HF277-04 HF-277 SPORT 292 20x7-8 KENDA 0321-0217 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 20x7-8 KENDA K2848 FRONT MAX SPORT 301 20x7-8 KENDA K2903 SCORPION KNOB 299 20x7-8 KENDA K30009 DOMINATOR SPORT 301 20x7-8 MAXXIS 0319-0091 M953 OEM 280 18x8-8 CST 0321-0277 AMBUSH SPORT 287 18x8-8 KENDA 0321-0205 KUTTER XC SPORT 301 19x8-8 CARLISLE 537038 TRAIL WOLF OEM 268 19x8-8 KENDA 0321-0220 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 19x8-8 MAXXIS 0319-0092 M954 OEM 280 18x9-8 MAXXIS 0319-0034 M939 OEM 279 21x9-8 CHENG SHIN C8296 C829 KNOB 288 18x9.5-8 CST 0320-0358 C9314 INT 286 18x9.5-8 DURO 0321-0065 EASY TRAIL SPORT 292 18x9.5-8 DURO HF2005-02 DI-2005 INT 293 18x9.5-8 DURO HF240-03 HF-240 KNOB 291 18x9.5-8 ITP 0322-0004 SAND STAR SAND 273 18x9.5-8 ITP 0322-0005 SAND STAR SAND 273 18x9.5-8 KENDA 0319-0127 K572 ROAD GO ASPH 299 18x9.5-8 KENDA 0321-0219 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 18x9.5-8 KENDA K2901 K290 KNOB 299 18x9.5-8 KENDA K530-09 PATHFINDER INT 299 18x10-8 AMS 0320-0776 PACTRAX SPORT 246 18x10-8 CST 0321-0349 CS07 PULSE MX SPORT 286 18x10-8 ITP 0321-0125 HOLESHOT MXR6 SPORT 269 18x10-8 MAXXIS 0321-0275 AMBUSH SPORT 287 18x10-8 MAXXIS 0321-0364 RAZR PLUS MX SPORT 281 SIZE BRAND NAME PART # MODEL STYLE PAGE # 8” (CONT) 18x10-8 MOOSE 0320-1141 RATTLER KNOB 248 20x10-8 KENDA K29011 SCORPION KNOB 299 21x10-8 CHENG SHIN C8741 C874 KNOB 288 21x10-8 KENDA 0319-0129 K572 ROAD GO ASPH 299 21x10-8 KENDA 0321-0221 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 22x10-8 KENDA 0321-0222 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 22x10-8 KENDA K29010 SCORPION KNOB 299 22x10-8 MAXXIS M910-1 4-SNOW SPORT 281 20x11-8 AMS 0320-0777 PACTRAX SPORT 246 20x11-8 ITP ITP-218 HOLESHOT SPORT 271 20x11-8 ITP ITP-602L SAND STAR SAND 273 20x11-8 ITP ITP-602R SAND STAR SAND 273 22x11-8 AMS 0319-0240 V-TRAX INT 246 22x11-8 CHENG SHIN C8281 LUMBERJACK INT 287 22x11-8 CHENG SHIN C8291 C829 KNOB 288 22x11-8 DURO HF240-04 HF-240 KNOB 291 22x11-8 DURO HF243-01 HF-243 INT 291 22x11-8 DURO HF243-12 HF-243 INT 291 22x11-8 DURO HF244-01 HF-244 INT 291 22x11-8 ITP ITP-630 MUD LITE AT AGRSV 259 22x11-8 KENDA K2902 SCORPION KNOB 299 22x11-8 KENDA K30006 DOMINATOR SPORT 301 22x11-8 KENDA K530-02 PATHFINDER INT 299 21x12-8 DURO HF243-19 HF-243 INT 291 22x12-8 KENDA K2991 BEARCLAW INT 298 9” 21x8-9 DURO 0319-0203 DI-K658 OEM 294-295 21x8-9 DURO HF244-02 HF244 INT 291 21x8-9 KENDA K2842 FRONT MAX SPORT 301 18x10-9 ITP 0321-0126 HOLESHOT MXR6 SPORT 269 18x10-9 MAXXIS 0321-0276 AMBUSH SPORT 287 20x10-9 DURO 0319-0206 DI-K778A OEM 294-295 20x10-9 DURO 0321-0108 DI2020 SCORCHER ASPH 293 20x10-9 ITP 0321-0131 HOLEHSOT GNCC SPORT 270 20x10-9 KENDA K2904 SCORPION KNOB 299 20x10-9 MAXXIS 0321-0229 AMBUSH SPORT 287 22x10-9 AMS 0320-0736 SWAMP FOX AGRSV 244 22x10-9 CHENG SHIN C82820 LUMBERJACK INT 287 22x10-9 MAXXIS 0320-0305 ZILLA AGRSV 277 22x10-9 MAXXIS 0321-0278 AMBUSH SPORT 287 22x10-9 MAXXIS 0321-0344 M9904 SPORT 280 22x10-9 MAXXIS M910-2 4-SNOW SPORT 281 20x11-9 AMS 0320-0778 PACTRAX SPORT 246 20x11-9 CARLISLE 537034 TRAIL WOLF OEM 268 20x11-9 DURO HF2011-01 DI-2011 SPORT 292 20x11-9 ITP 0320-0172 MUD LITE SPORT SPORT 261 20x11-9 ITP 0321-0050 HOLESHOT HD SPORT 269 20x11-9 ITP 0322-0001 SAND STAR SAND 273 20x11-9 ITP 0322-0002 SAND STAR SAND 273 20x11-9 ITP ITP-219 HOLESHOT SPORT 270-271 20x11-9 ITP ITP-246 HOLESHOT XCR SPORT 270 20x11-9 ITP ITP419 HOLESHOT XC SPORT 270 20x11-9 KENDA 0321-0210 KUTTER XC SPORT 301 20x11-9 KENDA 0321-0223 SPEED RACER ASPH 300 20x11-9 KENDA 0321-0332 KUTTER XC II SPORT 300 20x11-9 KENDA 0321-0366 HAVOC SPORT 300 20x11-9 KENDA K30002 DOMINATOR SPORT 301 20x11-9 MAXXIS 0321-0230 AMBUSH SPORT 287 20x11-9 MAXXIS 0321-0336 PULSE SPORT 286 20x11-9 MAXXIS C93231 RAZR SPORT 283 20x11-9 MAXXIS C93237 RAZR SPORT 283