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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | TIRE & SERVICE OFFROAD TIRES TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 172 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING 196 SIZE TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL FRONT 80/​100-21 TT 0312-03381 $119.12 90/​100-21 TT 0312-03391 130.71 SIZE TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL REAR 100/90-19 TT 0305-0591 $125.95 110/90-19 TT 0313-0633 130.95 120/80-19 TT 0313-0634 131.95 1 DOT approved, 51M load/​speed index. SCORPION MX32 MID HARD • Engineered to provide outstanding performance for professional riders in the World FIM Motocross, the AMA Motocross and Supercross championships and enthusiastic riders of all capabilities • Provides a high-level of dynamic performance by maximizing cornering grip and traction while providing remarkable durability and resistance against cuts and tearing • Front tri-ply carcass creates a strong and stiff structure that reduces deformities and rollover • Rear tri-ply carcass, less flexible sidewalls, increased knob strength and a larger contact patch, improves traction in whoops and on square-edged bumps • Dense knob layout provides a large and stable contact patch for improved cornering grip, traction and stability • Rear tire features a reversible tread pattern to prolong tire life and consistency • Robust compound promotes the transfer of power to the ground and prevents overheating • Replaces the MX32 Pro • Blackwall • Tube type (TT) Scorpion MX32 MH Front/Rear Scorpion XC MH Front/Rear SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL SUGGESTED PIRELLI INNER TUBE PART # FRONT 80/​100-21 51R TT 0312-01171 $119.95 0350-02222 REAR 110/​100-18 64M TT 0313-02571 129.56 0350-02182 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL SUGGESTED PIRELLI INNER TUBE PART # REAR (CONT) 120/​100-18 68M TT 0313-01871 $137.07 0350-02182 140/80-18 70M TT 0313-01921 159.46 0350-02182 1 Heavy-duty. 2 Heavy-duty tube. SCORPION XC MH DOT APPROVED INTERMEDIATE TO HARD TERRAIN TIRES • DOT approved front and rear • Special polyester carcass for light weight • Specially designed knobs on front tire for optimized steering precision and traction • Tube type (TT) • M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph or R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph