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BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 DRAGSPECIALTIES.COM 2022 | TIRE & SERVICE V-TWIN TIRES TIRE FAILURE HAZARD,WHICH IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY. SEE PAGE 138 FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRODUCT USE. WARNING 152 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL FRONT 120/​60ZR17 (55W) TL 0301-0501 $195.95 120/​70ZR17 (58W) TL 0301-0502 203.95 REAR 150/​70ZR17 (69W) TL 0302-0844 235.95 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL REAR (CONT) 160/​60ZR17 (69W) TL 0302-0845 $241.95 180/​55ZR17 (73W) TL 0302-0846 256.95 190/​50ZR17 (73W) TL 0302-0847 277.95 190/​55ZR17 (75W) TL 0302-0848 283.95 PILOT® ROAD 4 DUAL-COMPOUND SPORT TOURING RADIAL TIRES • Michelin® Pilot® Road 4 tires offer excellent grip even in cold, wet and difficult conditions and on all types of road surfaces, including slippery surfaces (excludes snow, ice and other extreme conditions) • Due to Michelin® 2CT technology with newer tread compounds and a redesigned tread pattern, Michelin® Pilot® Road 4 tires last on average 20% longer than Michelin® Pilot® Road 3 tires Pilot Road 4 Front/Rear Pilot Road 4 GT Front/Rear • Feature chamfered sipe edges that help prevent abnormal wear in extreme conditions and under heavy braking (based on 2013 internal wear tests at the Ladoux Technology Center) • Blackwall • Tubeless (TL) • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL FRONT 120/​70ZR17 (58W) TL 0301-0503 $214.95 120/​70ZR18 (59W) TL 0301-0504 216.95 REAR 170/​60ZR17 (72W) TL 0302-0849 264.95 SIZE LOAD/​SPEED INDEX TL/TT PART # SUG. RETAIL REAR (CONT) 180/​55ZR17 (73W) TL 0302-0850 $271.95 190/​50ZR17 (73W) TL 0302-0851 292.95 190/​55ZR17 (75W) TL 0302-0852 302.95 PILOT® ROAD 4 GT DUAL-COMPOUND SPORT TOURING RADIALS • Design features a stiffer casing with new technology for motorcycle tires that delivers the stability you need for heavier GT-class bikes while riding solo, two-up or with luggage, and the comfort you desire • Stops shorter in the wet vs. the leading competitive sport touring tires and the Michelin® Pilot® Road 3 • Up to 20% longer tread life than Michelin® Pilot® Road 3 tires (for a single set) • Two Compound Technology with all-new silica-charged rubber compounds for excellent grip from 23°F to 113°F • New XST+ siping and enhanced tread patterns for optimum grip at all lean angles • Blackwall • Tubeless (TL) • (W)-rated for speeds up to 168+ mph