2022 Parts Unlimited Street

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | STREET LUGGAGE DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL BR1800EX/S W/o studs 3515-0118 $204.00 W/ studs 3515-0119 223.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL BR3400EX/S W/o studs 3515-0120 $211.00 W/ studs 3515-0121 250.00 BR1800EX/S AND BR3400EX/S COMBINATION BACKREST, SEAT AND SISSY BAR BAGS • Rugged blend of leather-grained materials looks great on any type of motorcycle • Rigid internal structure is strong enough to lean on, even when empty • No sissy bar required • Two mounting systems included: Saddlemen’s “Versa-Mount™” seat harness or adjustable sissy bar strap system easily attaches bag to motorcycle seat, luggage rack or sissy bar • Included backrest pad can be adjusted for additional comfort for the passenger or driver • Sturdy grip handle for convenient carrying • Includes detachable backpack straps for easy off-the-bike jaunts • Spacious top-loading main compartment and large top-loading main compartment • Padded storage compartment fits small laptop • Four external pockets and five internal mesh pockets PART # SUG. RETAIL 3550-0117 $33.00 “VERSA-MOUNT” UNDER-SEAT YOKE AND HARNESS MOUNTING SYSTEM • Easy-to-use system fits most one-piece two-up seats • Attaches under the passenger seat area to allow the use of sissy bar, rack or seat bags without a sissy bar or rack • Adjustable two-piece design enables the yoke to fit a variety of seat widths • Security straps, D-rings and spring-loaded hooks ensure a stable mounting • Adds to the amount of potential luggage a bike can carry without modification • Easy-to-use side release buckles on each strap, decorative chrome buckles provide style • Rain cover with security tether protects the bag from elements • Top exterior flap can be adjusted to carry a jacket • Mini-padlock for security (includes extra keys) • BR1800EX/S measures 15” H x 11”W x 10” D (1,800 cubic inches cargo capacity) and holds one 3/4 helmet plus other cargo • BR3400EX/S measures 19” H x 14”W x 12” D (3,400 cubic inches cargo capacity) and holds one full-size helmet plus other cargo • Available with or without studs 3515-0120 3515-0118 3515-0119 3515-0121 Padded driver’s backrest Quick stash jacket flap Spacious top-loading main compartment Internal mesh pocket Backpack straps Seat harness system Laptop compartment Gusseted side fully unzipped 96