2022 Parts Unlimited Street

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 EXHAUST PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM STREET | 2022 43 DISCLAIMER: NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES. SEE PAGES 4-5 FOR IMPORTANT EPA/CARB EMISSION DEFINITIONS AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE. “TT” EXHAUST SYSTEMS • Manages to combine high performance and quality design • Features an expansion chamber made of 10/1​ 0mm steel with an open double-chamber structure, combined with a rounded shaped silencer made of stainless steel and aluminum skinned • Kit also contains a set of springs and rollers to boost the variator performance according to the particular features of the exhaust and engine for which it has been developed TOURING SLIP-ONS • Made from 10/10 steel with a plastic heat protection casing • Electrostatic paint is resistant to high heat and adverse weather • Internal conical expansion structure with silencer • Ceramic fiber lining for improved soundproofing GRANTURISMO EXHAUST FULL-SYSTEMS • For MaxiScooter 4-strokes • The logo comes out from the brightness of a brand new badge, closed in a triangular shape, which follows the muffler line • Conical body made of stainless steel, with a trapezoidal shape at the end cap • Assures a great resistance to corrosion and remains reliable at high temperatures • The muffler body is completely covered by a stainless steel heat shield; this solution protects the muffler and reduces overheating, which increases performance • The silicone-based soundproof material and a special anti-aging filter allow exhaust gases and noise to be filtered; they then meet a multi-chamber system designed to guarantee noise reduction at the exit • The end cap, deep-drawn in stainless steel and internally welded, shows a top-level look; its atypical shape of an irregular hexagon presents a smooth line with rounded corners, perfectly following the ovoid curves of the whole exhaust • Thanks to a graphite gasket with a special internal structure, the junction to the collector is more flexible and safer with perfect resistance to stress, vibration absorption and a great lowering effect • A stainless steel bracket, which is different according to each scooter model and equipped with silent-block to soften the vibrations, impeccably completes this high-tech and innovative product FITS MODEL EXHAUST TYPE PART # SUG. RETAIL BAOTIAN 139 QMB 07 (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 $153.95 HONDA PCX 150 12-16 Stainless/​carbon/​ stainless 1810-2258 234.95 KYMCO Agility 50 R10 07-12 (4 -stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 Agility 50 R16 10-12 (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 Agility 50 R16 10-12 (2-stroke) TT 1810-2368 142.95 Super 8 50 09-12 (2-stroke) TT 1810-2368 142.95 PEUGEOT V-CLICK 50 4 stroke Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 QUINGI V-Click 50 (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 FITS MODEL EXHAUST TYPE PART # SUG. RETAIL ROOK Travel City 50-139 QMB engine (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 $153.95 Victory 139 QMB engine (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 REX MOTO RS 500 139 QMB engine 07-08 (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 SUKIDA Gos 139 QMB engine (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 TOP 1 - 139QMB engine (4-stroke) Leo Vince 1810-2895 153.95 SUZUKI 650 Burgman 13-16 TT 1810-2372 844.95 YAMAHA Zuma 50CC (2-stroke) 89-01 w/ vertical motor TT 1810-2257 142.95 1810-2257 1810-2258 1810-2372 1810-2895