2022 Parts Unlimited Street

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | STREET LUGGAGE 124 THROW-OVER AND CUSTOM-FIT SADDLEBAGS Saddlemen’s Express line of saddlebags are available two ways: Throw-Over style and Custom-Fit.Throw-Over style bags include a multi-adjustable yoke, which hangs the bags from the fender or seat, and also include a quick-release bag connection to take off bags without disturbing the yoke or seat. Custom-Fit bags have a DESPERADO™ SLANT FACE POUCH SADDLEBAGS • Nostalgic-look Throw-Over saddlebags with bright chrome studs, chrome buckles and genuine leather straps with lockable, quick-release hidden buckles • Made of a durable combination of materials including genuine leather, SaddleHyde™, chrome-plated brass and tough plastic frame • Feature 5” x 9” external pouch integrated into the side of the saddlebag, for quick access to smaller items like sunglasses, camera, etc. • Include a multi-adjustable yoke with quick-detach twist connection which quickly releases saddlebags from bike without disturbing the yoke or seat • S4 saddlebag support brackets recommended (sold separately); see page 180 • Measure 17” L x 51/2”W x 10” H DESPERADO™ EXPRESS TAIL BAG • Sleek-styled tail bag featuring straps, studs and large chrome buckles • Lockable, quick-release buckles hidden below large chrome buckles • Made of rugged leather-grain SaddleHyde™ with plastic reinforced panels • Rigid construction keeps these bags looking good, full or empty • Designed for multiple mounting options adaptable to any bike; attaches to sissy bar, rack or atop passenger seat • Easy-to-use sissy bar strap included, adjustable bungee straps sold separately; multiple anchor points, including four heavy-duty chrome D-rings and several strap slots provided for fast, easy mounting • Riveted top handle and removable shoulder strap for convenient transport off the bike • Hat-box style lid with long sides for protection against weather, grime and other elements • Easy-open lid provides convenient access • Two zippered and flap-covered side pockets provide extra storage • Hanging internal mesh pocket provides separate storage inside bag and helps organize contents • Measures 16” L x 101/4”W x 121/2” H: 19” L with pockets PART # SUG. RETAIL 3501-0385 $221.00 PART # SUG. RETAIL 3503-0054 $154.00 Custom-Fit Throw-over Throw-over strong, smooth backside and no yoke, designed to allow custom mounting to your motorcycle.The extra-strong plastic back on all Express bags works perfectly with the S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting System (sold separately). S4 saddlebag support brackets (sold separately) are strongly recommended; see page 180 Easy-open lid Removable shoulder strap Internal meshpocket