2022 Parts Unlimited Street

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 LUGGAGE PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM STREET | 2022 117 SADDLEMEN EXPRESS SADDLEBAGS • Weather-resistant and worry-free saddlebags with many features and fresh styling • Three styles to choose from to match your bike: Cruis’n, Desperado and Drifter THROW-OVER AND CUSTOM-FIT SADDLEBAGS Saddlemen’s Express line of saddlebags are available two ways: Throw-Over style and Custom-Fit. Throw-Over style bags include a multi-adjustable yoke, which hangs the bags from the fender or seat, and also include a quick-release bag connection to take off bags without disturbing the yoke or seat. Custom-Fit bags have a strong, smooth backside and no yoke, designed to allow custom mounting to your motorcycle.The extra-strong plastic back on all Express bags works perfectly with the S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting System (sold separately). S4 saddlebag support brackets (sold separately) are strongly recommended; see page 180 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL THROW‑OVER Large (17” L x 51/2”W x 93/4” H) 3501‑0307 $175.00 Jumbo (19” L x 61/2”W x 103/4” H) 3501‑0308 197.00 Extra Jumbo (24” L x 7”W x 11” H) 3501‑0309 238.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL CUSTOM‑FIT Large (17” L x 51/2”W x 93/4” H) 3501‑0437 $171.00 Jumbo (19” L x 61/2”W x 101/2” H) 3501‑0438 191.00 CRUIS’N™ SLANT SADDLEBAGS • Smooth, clean-styled saddlebags available in Throw-Over and Custom-Fit styles • Feature easy-open lid with lockable twist-locks and hook-and-loop closure • Extra-strong plastic back works perfectly with the S4 Quick-Disconnect Mounting System (sold separately) • S4 saddlebag support brackets (sold separately) are strongly recommended; see page 180 PART # SUG. RETAIL 3501‑0575 $242.00 CRUIS’N SADDLEBAGS WITH SHOCK CUTAWAY • Contoured backside allows fitment directly over most shock absorbers, allowing saddlebag options on bikes that were previously limited due to shock and turn signal placement • Smooth, clean-styled saddlebags feature an easy-open lid with lockable twist-locks, hook-and-loop closures, and fully-rigid construction • Install using one of three methods: zippered yoke for over-the-fender mounting, hard mount bags using saddlebag supports (sold separately) or use Saddlemen’s S4 Quick Disconnect Mounting Kit (sold separately) for a custom, rigid mount; see page 180 • Feature a durable combination of materials including genuine leather, SaddleHyde™, chrome-plated brass and tough plastic frames • Zip-off yoke mounting allows bag to be disconnected without removing the yoke • Saddlebag support brackets recommended • Measure 191/4” L x 63/4”W x 12” H 3501‑0438 3501‑0308 Custom-fit Throw-over Throw-over Shock cutaway