2022 Parts Unlimited Street

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | STREET LUGGAGE 100 CRUIS’N™ DELUXE SISSY BAR BAGS • Whether it is a day ride or a weekender, Saddlemen’s sissy bar bags go the distance • Built to last with oversized hardware, riveted straps/​handle and lots of space to pack it full for your journey • Main cargo compartment flap opens fully with solid tethered sides for easy loading • Adjustable shelf allows you to organize your bag for easy access • Works with or without a rack with the newly designed adjustable mounting sleeve that adapts to the shape and width of your bike’s sissy bar • Heavy-duty leather tech construction • EVA molded organizer that stores phone and other valuables safely • Multiple oversized mounting rings around the bag overcome unique mounting challenges FTB2500/​FTB3600 SPORT SISSY BAR AND COMBO BAGS • A sharp collection of motorcycle luggage from Saddlemen; the FTB line features a bold, yet sporty look with an array of vital features bundled with superb construction and class-leading value pricing • Sissy bar bag mounting is simple and quick, using Saddlemen’s adjustable backrest sleeve that conforms to the width of your sissy bar or pad, and its shape or taper • Mounting is secure, when using a sissy bar or just a rack or seat, with the four hold-down straps included with each bag • FTB2500 and FTB3600 have the same knife-sharp styling and organizing features as the smaller bags, but with more capacity • Mid-size side compartments easily hold extra cargo • Each bag includes a specialized top storage bag that clips on and off in seconds • Equipped with the same highly functional gull-wing style access flaps as our Sport Trunk and Rack Bag, these top bags expand your cargo capacity by a huge margin • If the weather gets wet, use the supplied high-visibility, light-reflective rain cover to protect the bag and its contents • FTB2500 dimensions: 14”W x 11” H x 91/2” D (main bag excluding pockets), 181/2”W x 11” H x 91/2” D (main bag including pockets) and 18”W x 8” H x 8” D (top bag); capacity 20 lb. • FTB3600 dimensions: 16”W x 161/2” H x 91/2” D (main bag excluding pockets), 211/2”W x 161/2” H x 103/4” D (main bag including pockets) and 191/2”W x 9 H x 91/2” D (top bag); capacity 25 lb. DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL CD3600 w/ roll bag 3515-0171 $255.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL CD1750 3515-0172 $180.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL CD1700 3515-0173 $170.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL FTB2500 Sport sissy bar and combo bag 3515-0141 $150.00 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL FTB3600 Sport sissy bar and combo bag 3515-0142 $185.00 • Honeycomb rigid luggage shell maintains its shape regardless of cargo load, yet it is lightweight to reduce the impact on your motorcycle • Strong nylon meshing zipper teeth with chrome sliders equipped with large pulls for easy use with a gloved hand • High-visibility reflective rain cover with locking cinch cord included • PART #3515-0171 includes top roll bag for extra cargo capacity; top cargo straps mount roll bag, strap down jacket or rain gear • CD3600 with roll bag measures 6”W x 93/4” H x 161/4” D, roll bag 131/4”W X 9” H x 8” D • CD1750 measures 11”W X 11” H x 141/4” D • CD1700 measures 14”W X 11” H X 11” D NOTE: Dimensions are for the main body; side and front pockets add an extra 2.5” to each side. 3515-0172 3515-0171 3515-0173 3515-0142 3515-0141