2022 Parts Unlimited Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 HANDLEBARS & HAND CONTROLS PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM OFFROAD | 2022 193 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Red 0630-0079 $3.95 Blue 0630-0080 3.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Gray 0630-0081 $3.95 White on green 0630-2084 3.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL White on orange 0630-2085 $3.95 Black on yellow 0630-2086 3.95 GRIP DONUTZ • Help prevent blisters • Add a cool factory look • Sold in pairs PART # SUG. RETAIL RG101 $9.45 GRIP GLUE • Highly developed grip glue, specially formulated to give a secure bond without damaging the grip • A must when using medium- or soft-compound Renthal® grips PART # SUG. RETAIL 3711-0037 $10.45 GRIP GLUE QUICK BOND • Secures in just three minutes • Fast-acting liquid adhesive chemically engineered to bond grips to all handlebars • Specially formulated to allow users to apply glue to bar and grip, fit and position grip before creating a safe and secure bond between the grips and handlebar PART # SUG. RETAIL 3711-0006 $12.95 GRIP STAY GRIP ADHESIVE • Super-strong grip adhesive is heat resistant up to 250°F • Works on rubber and plastic grips • Works with grip heaters; a must for RSI High-Power Heaters • Easy double bubble pack dispenses equal amounts for a perfect mix ratio • Contains enough adhesive for one pair of grips, even 8” long grips PART # SUG. RETAIL TB1501C $9.95 GRIPLOCK • High-strength adhesive specifically formulated to keep grips in place without damaging the rubber • Puts an end to grips twisting or sliding off motorcycles, snowmobiles,ATVs and watercraft • 1 oz. tube PART # SUG. RETAIL 3711-0035 $10.99 GRIP GLUE AND MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE • Easy to apply and easy to remove from throttle tube and bars when changing grips • Exceptional bonding to metal, plastic composites, rubber, leather, vinyl, glass and wood • 0.7 oz. tube is enough for multiple applications • Sold each PART # SUG. RETAIL 3711-0036 $1.95 GRIP GLUE • Designed to bond grips to bars without damaging the grips • Available in a 5ml single-shot tube that contains enough glue to install one pair of grips • Card of 12 PART # SUG. RETAIL 3711-0046 $4.99 GRIP GLUE • Specially formulated to firmly bond grips to all handlebar types • Enough glue to bond one set of grips • 10-20 seconds of working time • Completely bonded and ready to ride within minutes 0630-0079 0630-0080 0630-0081 0630-2084 0630-2085 0630-2086