2022 Parts Unlimited Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 BIKE STANDS & ACCESSORIES PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM OFFROAD | 2022 131 PART # SUG. RETAIL 9501-0154 $299.99 HOLESHOT PRACTICE STARTING GATE • Races can be won or lost at the drop of the gate, so perfecting the starting technique is key to MX racers who want to be on the podium • Improve reaction time and learn to control power out of the gate and into the first corner • The “Holeshot” is a completely random-timed, electronic, wireless, practice starting gate • Allows riders to independently practice starts • When the rider presses the wireless remote button mounted on their crossbar pad, it will activate a computer-controlled timing sequence, which will drop the gate randomly • Watch the glowing LED, when it starts blinking it is like the 30-second board turning sideways • The gate will now drop randomly between one to five seconds • Resetting the gate is as easy as riding by and stepping on the backside of the hoop without dismounting • Multiple gates can be electronically linked for multi-racer, bar banging practice • Instant-drop feature allows a trainer to bypass the random timing sequence and drop the gate instantly when the button is pressed PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0018 $89.50 MINI MOTO STARTING BLOCKS • Made for racers too short to touch the ground at the starting gate • Cheese-grater-type holes on top provide a non-slip surface • Adjustable from 3” to 9” high • Stackable with a carrying handle • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum • Silver anodized finish • Sold in pairs DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL Starting block base 4101-0521 $37.95 Short riser kit 4101-0522 12.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL Tall riser kit 4101-0523 $14.95 STARTING BLOCK • Starting block helps position you on your bike for more neutral riding position on bike and help provide a straighter launch off the gate • The starting block offers two different height riser kits to customize how high you need the starter block to fit your height. • Made to fit from mini riders to adults. • Built in traction pads on top to provide better traction and anti-slip surface when pushing off the gate. • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum with black powercoated finish • Low riser kit measures 41/2” to 6” to top of block (sold separately) • High riser kit measures 61/2” to 9” to top of block ( sold separately) • Sold as each 4101-0523 4101-0521