2022 Parts Unlimited Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 BIKE STANDS & ACCESSORIES PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM OFFROAD | 2022 121 PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0278 $21.50 STAND WEDGE • Universal fit,mounts to any off-road motorcycle stand • Eliminates tipping problem for frame types that are not flat on the bottom, enabling the bike to sit level on a stand • Keeps both wheels at a similar height from ground for easy maintenance • Ideal for newer CRFs, RMZs,mini-cycles and most 2-stroke motorcycles • Mounts to stand where needed, depending on the shape of bike frame • Integrated bolt design to secure to top of stand • Includes easy-to-use drill guide template for simple installation PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0350 $146.50 LAY-OVER STAND • Safer and more secure method for holding a bike in a leaning position; resting bikes on MX stands can tear grips and damage expensive upper fork tubes • Keeps bike off the ground, eliminating the chance of damaging valuable components • Choose from seven grip height adjustments from 13” to 19” tall – works with most mini-bikes to full-size off-road bikes • Notched grip cradle design compatible with Bark Busters • Aluminum and stainless steel construction – rust-resistant and great for power-washing those hard-to-reach areas • Easier access to front and rear rebound suspension adjusters • Quick clutch maintenance without draining transmission oil – saves time between races • Easier way to install or remove engine skid plates • Lightweight and folds compact, easy to transport PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0196 $27.95 PRO PANEL STAND TOOL TRAY • Removable aluminum tool tray designed for Pro Panel stands • Great place to store bike’s hardware during maintenance repairs • Four secure clips incorporated to keep tray attached to stand • Tray comes with two carry handles at each end • Available in silver anodized only COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Silver 4101-0179 $125.95 Black 4101-0180 125.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Red 4101-0181 $125.95 Blue 4101-0182 125.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Orange 4101-0308 $125.95 PRO PANEL STANDS • Rubber top with embossed logo and raised bumpy non-slip surface • Designed for extreme durability • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum • Frame constructed from 1” round tubing • Arched frame for stability on uneven ground • Decal panels allow access to the tool tray and bike’s oil drain bolt • Heavy-duty aluminum top with a large oil drain hole • Extra-thick oil- and gas-resistant top rubber pad • Measure 17” high • Available in silver anodized or four hard-coat factory colors: black, red, blue, and orange • Tool tray or oil tub not included 4101-0179 4101-0180 4101-0181 4101-0308 4101-0182