2022 Parts Unlimited Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM 2022 | OFFROAD BIKE STANDS & ACCESSORIES 118 PART # SUG. RETAIL PST-005 $16.49 MOTO-X TRIANGLE STAND • Made of heavy-duty steel, then zinc-coated to prevent rust and corrosion • Welded tip will fit in the axle of virtually any bike from 80cc minis to 500cc ground pounders • The most cost-efficient motorcycle stand on the market PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0083 $39.95 TRI-MOTO STAND • Lightweight replacement for OEM triangle stands • Tapered axle pins keep stand from falling out of axle • Three tapered axle pins accommodate most axle sizes • Frame constructed from 1” round tubing • Arched lower frame for stability on uneven ground • Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum • Available with silver anodized finish PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0193 $27.95 STEEL TRIANGLE STAND • Three different axle pin sizes to fit most dirt bikes • Axle pins are 3” long to stay in axle better than OEM tri-stands • Allen wrench included for axle pin bolt • Arched base for stability on uneven ground • Constructed of high-quality steel with silver zinc-coat finish PART # SUG. RETAIL 4101-0415 $14.99 SX1 SIDE PANEL KIT • Customize your SX1 stand with a SX1 side panel kit • Decaled stands are a great way to help promote yourself and your sponsors while at the race track • Made of formed carbon steel for strength and rigidity • Powdercoated matte black for a long-lasting finish • Easy to install, just drill eight holes in the SX1 stand frame, attaches with sheet metal screws supplied • Fits SX1 stand NOTE: Not compatible with SX1 mini stand. DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL Black 4101-0374 $71.95 Red 4101-0375 71.95 Blue 4101-0376 71.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL Green 4101-0377 $71.95 Orange 4101-0378 71.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL Yellow 4101-0379 $71.95 White 4101-0380 71.95 SX1 STANDS • Great stand at an affordable price • Steel square tube constructed frame for long lasting durability • Heavy-duty steel top holds up under abnormal wear and tear • Arched shaped lower frame legs help keep stand from rocking on uneven ground • Oil- and gas-resistant rubber top, secured with 16 large aluminum rivets, won’t rust • 3.5” hole in top allows easy access to drain plug for oil changes • Very lightweight at only 8 lb., same as most aluminum stands • Available in seven powdercoated colors: matte black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and white NOTE: Motorsport Products PRO Panel tool tray (PART #4101-0196) fits the SX1 stand. 4101-0379 4101-0380 4101-0374 4101-0375 4101-0376 4101-0377 4101-0378