2022 Parts Unlimited Offroad

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2022 AUDIO/VIDEO & MOUNTS PARTS-UNLIMITED.COM OFFROAD | 2022 109 PART # SUG. RETAIL 3502-0488 $37.95 UNIVERSAL PHONE AND MAP HOLDER • Designed to work with any dual sport or off-road bike application • Can be attached by removing bike seat and attaching the holder around seat, below the tank mount that holds the seat to the gas tank on the motorcycle • Designed to fit up to an iPhone® 11 size to fit inside compartment • Uses hook-and-loop closure with clear vinyl face so you can view phone or map inside the compartment • Made in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL For devices from 415/16”-611/16” L x 21/4”-31/8”W x 5/16”-9/16”T 0603-0941 $64.95 DESCRIPTION PART # SUG. RETAIL For devices from 51/2”-75/16” L x 213/16”-31/2”W 5/16”-5/8”T 0603-0940 $64.95 X1 SMARTPHONE BRACKETS • KOSO X1 smartphone bracket is the most well thought-out and easy-to-use accessory on the market • It has a mechanical style and is designed for six-way adjustment for length, height, depth and width • Easy adjustable screws, located on the back, lock the desired positioning securely into place • The top clamp is designed to allow you to insert and remove your smartphone easily by simply pulling it upwards • Quick-release and -lock function design • Allows user to find best position by hands free adjustments and rotates 360° • Fits 7/8” to 11/4” handlebars 0603-0941 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Black 2120-0938 $70.95 COLOR PART # SUG. RETAIL Chrome 2120-0939 $70.95 DUAL USB PORT CHARGER WITH 1” BALL MOUNT • Stylish looking handlebar mount comes with 5 volt/2.5 amp dual USB ports, 1” ball attachment (for attaching RAM mount accessories) and water-resistant safety cap with built-in switch • 1” ball attachment can be used to attach any RAM products or aftermarket accessory • Gives convenient mounting, charging and playing options all together for smart phones, GPS, MP3 • Rear of the mount has 15”wire with male coax on the other end with a 48” long battery cord to provide enough length • Water-resistant cap has a hidden built-in switch, which switches off the dual USB built-in lighting and power drain when the cap is closed, protecting your battery drain • Can be connected directly to battery terminals without doing tedious connection through ignition switch wiring • Handlebar mount fits 7/8”, 1” and 11/4” bar and comes with required spacers to fit any of the three handlebar sizes • Includes a medium size double socket arm for 1” ball, which can be used with any aftermarket accessory with 1” attachment • This socket design with four side slot openings on both sides allows for almost infinite angle adjustment • Length of arm 3” 2120-0939 2120-0938 PART # SUG. RETAIL 0603-0809 $9.95 DOUBLE SOCKET ARM FOR 1” BALL • Socket design with four side slot opening on both sides allows for almost infinite angle adjustment • Can be used with any aftermarket or RAM 1” ball accessories • Approximately 3” long