2021 Drag & Parts Unlimited Update

2021 | HELMET & APPAREL 230 Update IMPROPERLY FITTING PRODUCTS COULD CONTRIBUTE TO SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. WARNING SAFETY WARNING: Riding a motorcycle, snowmobile,ATV or UTV is a dangerous activity.When riding, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing.There is no assurance that serious injury or death can be avoided even if you wear the product shown in this catalog and take all precautions to avoid every risk. Please ensure that your products fit properly. Improperly fitting products can impair your ability to control your motorcycle, snowmobile,ATV or UTV. HELMET FITMENT: Helmet fit is critical to helmet performance.The correct helmet size can only be checked and confirmed by physically fitting the helmet to the user.Always try the helmet on in a store, before purchasing it, to be sure you are purchasing the correct sized helmet for you. Ask your dealer for more information.